Being a mother takes trial and error. So does being a father. If you are a first-time dad, it can be quite intimidating. The first few weeks with a newborn are daunting and can be even more overwhelming later on.

Here are some tips for first-time daddy on new baby and most importantly what to do to help the first-time mommy.

1. Don’t wait, jump in to help

Don’t wait until she asks you for help with the baby. She’s too occupied feeding the baby, changing the baby, and comforting a crying baby. So, don’t wait, just jump in to help her out.

2. Bonding time with the baby

Give her some break time to rest or grab something to eat while you can start bonding with your little one. You can practice changing baby’s diaper, feed the baby, play with the baby. It’s never too early to start bonding with your baby.

3. Learn together hand-in-hand

Just because she gave birth to your baby, she doesn’t automatically know how to be a mother. She forgets things, the pacifiers, bibs, diaper bags, and so on, but she is trying. Don’t make her feel bad when she forgets things. She is learning as she goes just like you do.

4. Be there for her

Always be next to her if she needs a shoulder to cry on. Be a good listener if she needs to talk. Be there with her in silence if that’s what she wants. Don’t pull away from her if she seems distant because she’s tired and is focusing on the baby.

5. Show your appreciation

Being a mother is not easy. She has gone through the tough times during pregnancy and she just gave birth to your beautiful baby. Show her that you appreciate everything she has done for you and thank her everyday.


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