Baby’s nails are soft and delicate. They grow fast, too. Especially the finger nails. So parents are required to trim their baby’s nails once a week, on average. Even if you have a new born at home, their nails can cause some serious scratching, to themselves, you, or anyone else within arm’s reach. No doubt putting on mittens can be the short-term solution. But keeping those tiny nails trimmed instead can make the world of difference.

Cutting or trimming baby’s nails can be tricky and terrifying for most parents. Especially the first time parents. Here’s a list of tips you can look at and become an expert in trimming your baby’s nails in no time.

1. Use baby nail clippers

There are nail clippers that are specially made for baby nails. Make sure gently clip along the white line of your baby’s finger nail and do it bits by bits so that you do not over cut your baby finger nails.

2. File the nails

If you are too scared to use a nail clipper, your alternative is to file the nails. This is probably the safest and easy way to avoid over cutting of your baby’s nails. Be careful no to harm the soft skin underneath. Avoid using metal nail filer as they are too harsh for a baby.


3. Clip while the baby sleeps

The best way to go through this process of clipping is when your baby is asleep. This can minimize accidental cuts as your baby is not moving. This can ensure that you clip your baby’s nails safely. However, even when they’re sleeping, make sure you have a firm grip on your baby’s hand or feet while you are clipping the nails.

4. Cut after baby’s bath

You can try cutting your baby’s nails immediately after bath. This is because bathing makes the nails soft and easy to cut.

5. Create distraction

If at all you need to clip your baby’s nails while they are awake, make sure to create a distraction. If for some reason they do tense up, make sure you give your baby a break to calm down before you try again.


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