If you’re looking for some baby name inspiration for your little boy born during the colder months, here are some really cool names that are inspired by winter:

1. Whittaker

Origin: English
Meaning: White field

2. Joseph

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God shall add (another son)

3. Aster

Origin: Greek, English
Meaning: Star

Wintry Baby Boy Names
Source: Pinterest
4. Crispin 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Curly-haired. The name is popular in winter due to St. Crispin, the patron saint of shoe-makers.

5. Christian

Origin: English
Meaning: Follower of Christ

6. Douglas

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: As in douglas fir, one of the most popular types of Christmas trees. Also means “dark water”.

7. Gabriel

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Devoted to God, a hero of God, or God is my strength

8. Robin

Origin: Teutonic
Meaning: A type of bird that begins to appear toward the end of winter

Wintry Baby Boy Names
Source: Mom Junction
9. Aspen 

Origin: English
Meaning: Aspen tree

10. Jack

Origin: English
Meaning: God is gracious, merciful. Also widely used for babies born in winter as a nod to Jack Frost

11. Noel

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Born on Christmas day

12. Wren

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Magician of bird

13. Lark

Origin: English
Meaning: Name of the bird that appears in January and February

14. Frediano

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Cold

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